CBD+ Pina Colada Tincture (CBGa, CBDa, CBG, CBD) 1800mg

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We are proud to announce our CBD+ Tincture product line! Each bottle contains 1800mg!
450mg CBGa (Cannabigerolic Acid)
450mg CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid)
450mg CBG (Cannabigerol)
450mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBGA, also known as cannabigerolic acid, is the precursor to all other cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp plants. For this reason, people often refer to CBGA as the “mother cannabinoid”. While CBGA is a precursor to all cannabinoids including CBDA; CBDA is a precursor to CBD.

Our tinctures contain three simple ingredients: MCT (coconut) oil, our high-quality broad spectrum hemp extract, and natural concentrated flavoring.

For those of you who love all our other products, these tinctures will taste a little different. The high concentration of CBDa and CBGa, will cause the taste to be more earthy or some say acidic.

All of our products are tested by third party ISO accredited labs. We test for potency & full panel testing.

*Due to tinctures containing a carrier oil (such as MCT) they should NEVER be vaped*

Warning: Do Not Vape/Smoke Tinctures, For Oral Use Only.


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