Lab Tests

Delta-8-THC Cartridges

Sample: 804A

Sample: 804B

Sample: 805C

Sample: 806C

Sample: 807D 081623

Delta-8-THC Disposables

Sample: 804A

Sample: 807D 010522

Sample: 807D 081623

Delta-8-THC Tinctures

Sample: 804A

Sample: 825A

Sample: 825A 112221

Sample: 826T 012522

Sample: 826T 082623

Delta-8-THC Concentrate

Sample: 1000D 012022

Sample: 1000D 082123

CBD Active Relief Cream

Sample: 20089

Sample  ARCR8

CBD Tincture

Sample: 823A

Sample: 1800T (Potency)

Sample: 1800T (Full Panel)

Sample: 1800T 050424

Delta-8-THC Softgels

Sample: 1117

Sample: 1127

Sample: 1127 050624

Delta-8-THC Gummies

Sample: 527

Sample: 603B

Sample: 0101R8

Sample: 2101R8

Sample: 2101R8 050424

Delta-8-THC Flower

Sample: 675PR (Full Panel)

Sample: 675PR (Potency)

Sample: 676PR (Full Panel)

Sample: 676PR (Potency)

Sample: 677PR 013122

Sample: 677PR 020422

Sample: 677PR 082123

Sample: 678PR (Full Panel)

Sample: 678PR (Potency)

Delta-10-THC Cartridges

Sample: 905C

Delta-10-THC Tinctures

Sample: 925A

Delta-10-THC Gummies

Sample: 604G

Delta-9-THC Gummies

Sample: HD9R8 (Potency)

Sample: HD9R8 (Full Panel)

Sample: G3035 (Potency)

Sample: G3035 (Full Panel)

Sample: D9231 (Potency)

Sample: D9231 (Full Panel)

Sample: D9523 (Full Panel)

Delta-9-THC Geek Bombz

Sample: GB9R823 (Full Panel)

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